Living in a city center is wonderful, comfortable and makes life much easier, but no question, that it puts a bit of responsibility on my shoulders. I mean of course you can go around in your jogging pants, but should you? And I am not talking that you should think of what will people think of you, or look at you, but the only thing that matters is how will you feel. It’s not the question of effort, it’s only the question of self-satisfaction. I should be honest, I love my clothes, and I love taking them out. I never buy anything if I don’t have this small vibration somewhere in my heart, I think all the girls know this temptation. My clothes are my closest, so even with my eyes blindfold, I know, that anything that I will get out of my closet, is, for sure, something I will enjoy wearing.

Today my eyes were not blindfold, but I was in a crazy rush in the morning, texting to my friend with one hand “I am on my way!!” and putting on mascara with my other hand. I think these mornings are quite familiar to every one. I pulled my hair together and was already on my way to lift when I understood that I didn’t have my shoes on. Of course, I was late for a coffee with my friend for more than 5 minutes, but we both had a good laugh about one of these morning stories when you don’t have time for a coffee before you go out. Anyways, I was still feeling myself more than confident, or so to say in my own shoes. This look is quite juicy, though classy.

All thanks to this bright, almost fiery, Mango shirt, with a high collar, which makes it sexy, but moderate (perfect mixture, if you ask me). I mixed it with black pants from H&M basic collection. These pants are my must-haves for cold weather and basics for every look I want to build – from urban-sneakers-girl to fancy-adventure-seeker. But what I like the most this season is my coat, my look gets charming and classy with almost anything, plus ist warm and super comfortable.

I had a wonderful time going out and was not a second sorry I left my bed. But I also learned a good lesson about morning panic, the thing I will avoid from now on.

*Werbung da Markennennung (keine Cooperation / kein Product Placement)


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