If you read any of my previous posts, you might have noticed, that I find animals not just simply pretty living stuff, I really think they are our equals. They can feel much better, they don’t have a need to show off, they are simple and real. I also believe, the way we treat animals shows the real picture of who we are. Its pretty simple, though some will say it’s not true. I am not the person who will start an argument, but it is really a good thing to think about.


A few days ago I was invited to visit horses. I was so happy, and already on the day before I planned what kind of treats should I bring with me. In the morning as the first thing, I bought bananas and a few apples and was almost jumping from excitement on the back seat, on my way to the horse’s farm.  I was asking myself how do they look, and are they bigger or smaller, than the ones I used to know when I visited my father. I was also asking myself what if they are not in a mood, or would they like me? Childish, I know. Well, you can’t control your thought, and I believe you should not even try. So I was all into horses-thoughts, and I even missed a moment when we arrived. Adrian met me near the car, and the first thing he said, when he saw a bag full with bananas was ” Don’t give them everything at once, please”. Yeah, right, no problem, hm.



My first thought as I saw the small tribe of six horses, was – oh my, they are just perfect size! Well, I need to confess, I forgot how huge they are. Adrian introduced me to everyone and told me what they prefer and what I should avoid doing. Horses were calm, and I was really happy to see how good they feel, and that is really their home, and most of all, Adrian really loved each and everyone from his tribe. That was really a big relief for me because it breaks my heart to see or to feel the misery of animals, especially when there is nothing I can do about it. He was taking really good care of his babies, and I started respecting the man even more than I did after our surfing classes.


I was jumping from one horse to the other, basically flying, cuddling with one, then patting the other on the neck, or rubbing between the ears the other one. My plan was to get out for a walk with a few of them. I think that was exactly what I needed, to get drawn in this gratuitous love, this whole tribe gave me. I chose three ones: Earlene, Sable, and Kadri – these were making me feel more conscious. We got on the horses and headed towards the beach. Riding was definitely a new thing for me, but from the start, it felt so natural, so awaking, so unchaining; it felt like I was born already riding a horse (sorry mom).  I was riding Priscilla, after the Adrian who was riding Efraim, and the three horses were following us step by step. I never had a chance to feel all this grace around me and was unbelievably grateful to become a part of this small walking tour. When we already got to the beach, I got off from Priscilla and asked if I could have a walk with Earlene, Sable, and Kadri, by foot along the beach. Adrian said he will wait with Efraim and Priscilla, so I can take my time. We were walking along the beach, all four of us, and luckily there was no one around us. Just ocean and palms. My companions were eagerly following, trying to catch the coming wave, drink as much as possible of the salty water they could. We made a small pause, and turned back, to Adrian, who was eagerly waiting for us to come back and was walking himself. My small tribe was silent all our way back, leaving me alone with my thoughts, for what I am deeply thankful. This small trip helped me a lot to analyze our human nature and the sense of physical freedom in connection with freedom of mind.


During my small walk, I noticed that Sable was all the time trying to get nearer to me, was trying to eat my hair and my tattoos, all together was a real human-lover. It was such an amazing feeling of secureness and harmony, just staying on the lonely beach, under the cloudy sky and just hugging him and patting his neck. Crazy idea knocked in my head and I asked if I could ride him without a saddle? The whole story I would gladly share with you this exact adventure of mine in my next post 🙂


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