Exploring jungle in a bikini? Easy!

Today I found another treasure I would love to share with you.

You might say, oh it’s just a tree. But have a closer look and I am sure you will get as charmed by its power as I was the moment I saw it. I just could not move for a while, I just stood with my head up, wondering where does it end. The roots itself were as big as myself…

I can’t imagine how old it is, and it so fascinating, how many things changed around it, but it stayed, so archaic and powerful, giving shelter to small animals, living in his roots, and paradise birds, singing for him every day, the sun shines through his limbs and the rain drops from his leaves while he looks over all the other trees to the beach.

Some people don’t believe that plants and animals have thoughts or so to say identity. I am not one of them. I understand it may sound childish, but I really believe that everything that surrounds us is literally pulsing with energy, and I do believe if you really listen hard, you will hear trees talking, and if you look precisely animals in the eyes you will see them feeling and thinking, just as we do. People love making a big deal of themselves, by suppressing other living forms around them. I believe it would be more human to learn to see natural wisdom around us, and if we can’t understand it, that doesn’t mean we should destroy it.


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