How do you imagine your perfect morning? Singing of the tropical birds in the trees around your patio? Or maybe a sweet smoothie with fresh fruits, pumping you so full with vitamins, that your eyes go out of the orbits, like in that Tom&Jerry cartoon. Or how about this one: right after the first cup of coffee jumping into the pool (with the cup or without – only up to you). Oh my goodness, I need to confess – I managed to do it in just one first morning here. It is breath-taking, I really love this location! I literally enjoy every corner of it, and it’s amazing how coziness and airiness can come together. Also, I got some friendly visit from a cat, who is obviously the boss here, and honored me with eating a bit of my yogurt. I still can’t say for sure if like more guest room or kingsize bedroom, but I am definitely in love with the small pool right inside the house.

Here are a few bathrooms, and in one I already met a scorpion. Everything happened so quick, I ran out of the room and left it in His Majestys possession. After that evening I learned quite a lot on the Internet about scorpions in Costa Rica, and the good news is – they are up to 99% not dangerous. But I was not fighting for bathroom, I would say I have a respect for a small and a lighting-fast creature.

Other guests who came last night were a whole family of raccoons. The owner of the villa told us, that they might come around so we should not leave food or the trash bin opened. And that they love to swim in the pool. And it’s not lovely, definitely not, told us the owner of the villa.

Well, I was disagreeing, but silently. And believe me, I had my reasons. After all, what can be sweeter than a small raccoon-pack playing in your pool in the middle of a night?


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