Oh my goodness, I just can’t leave this place, honestly!

I already became friends with the owners, they are a lovely couple from Sweden, both young and hardworking. This hotel is their first baby, and it was so nice to hear their story. We ordered pizza and were chatting almost till midnight. I got the feeling that both get a bit lonely so far from their homes, and could understand them really good.

So well, yesterday evening I ate more than just one slice of pizza, and today I woke up feeling myself like a stone. Sun was already burning the air outside of the air-conditioned zone, so going for jogging or even just walking, seemed like mission impossible. But I was definitely in a mood of doing some light stretching and small yoga workout. Usually, after this small ritual, I feel myself much better, it also helps me to get focused.

What personally I love about yoga is that it is so simple, you don’t need an extra pair of shoes, or any equipment, just you and your body. You can do it alone and you can do it with your friend, or even friends. You can listen to music or to your own thoughts. You can do it the easy way or go the hard way, all is good. You can do it in the park, on the beach, in a small room, well, basically in your bed if you want it so.

And well, you will definitely feel better after, isn’t it one of the basic needs we all have?


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