I think it is out of the question that doing a bit sport now and then is always a nice healthy bonus in our life. Feeling yourself fitter and more powerful after a workout is so good! I was always doing something to switch myself from everyday routine: tennis, jogging, yoga or fitness – it doesn’t matter what personally you prefer, you can’t deny that it really makes you feel good. I was never dying for a perfect body from a gym advert, but I always knew that it’s always a privilege to be fit, and well, it is hard work that shows not only your power but also a big deal of discipline. With the last one, I always had a few problems. But well, I would rather say challenges.

A month ago I wanted to try something new, one of the things I always wanted to learn. Quite typically, sitting on a sofa or in the cinema, I fully admired scenes with girl-fighting, and I believe not only me alone 🙂 So I decided I want to try kickboxing, and who knows, maybe one day I will be myself one of those ninja-girls. 🙂  And putting jokes aside, I must confess, though being scared of something might be ok, personally I think it sucks. I can’t control the world around me, but for sure I can control my actions and reactions. I believe that fear is our worst enemy, it makes us do most of the wrong decisions (even the fear of wrong decisions, sorry) and causes most of our problems we are dealing with our whole life. I am not insisting that a girl should know how to fight, but I consider it a pretty nice skill to own. What I mean is that I am not running out on midnight streets in a search for adventures, but I am not scared anymore of walking home alone after a late cinema session.

Consider myself really lucky to find my trainer Adriano Debole, who slowly became a mentor for me.

The cool thing is that next to that energetic kickboxing and fighting thing I learn how to warm up and stretch my muscles correctly and how to breath while doing exercises. All this brings me into a balance which makes my workout more effective especially when it comes to strength and stamina. The control of your own breath gives you so much power to keep the pace for nearly 60 minutes and this is burning my fat like water.

After my warmup and standard exercises that take about 15 minutes we put on our boxing gloves and do some easy jabs, leg work and also a few low kicks.

That makes so much fun that I even cannot recognize how exhausted I am physically. But mentally it pushes me forward to do more and more kicks while my trainer is shouting at me commands of different martial combinations.

The hardest part, as I see it, is to continue focusing on your goal and step over the false symptoms of tiredness, that my body starts showing after a while. Usually, when you train alone, or even with your friend in the gym, you come to the point where you think “okay, now I will take it easy, I am not preparing for a marathon, I will go drink some water and stare at the ceiling/other people for a while.” But what a difference it makes to train with someone who helps you to step over yourself to feel yourself better and much stronger than ever before. I believe by learning this, I started acted differently in a real life, too. Now I can get more focused even when my mind says “oh c´mon, chill and make some tea”. And I find it already a big move in my self-improvement, if you know what I mean. I am still learning of course, but every training makes so much fun, that I rather get muscle soreness from laughter than from hard effort.

What I like the most about my training is that we do all the workout in the park with fresh air to fill my lungs and with enough space for doing different kind of exercises and the best part is that I always have an audience. But honestly talking no gym training will ever get close to this feeling of free energy flow, between the blue sky and soft ground under my feet.

What really makes me on – is a rush of blood going through my tired body, making my heart beat stronger and my thoughts more structured. And the feeling of getting better after every training is definitely something to be proud of.

Tights: Nike Performance


Shoes: Adidas Mei

Trainer: Adriano Debole


*Werbung da Markenverlinkung (keine Cooperation / kein Product Placement)



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